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Hiring Decisions Made Easy

The model for background screening in India is broken. Small business either find unreliable partners, or find the process of verification too cumbersome. We aim to simplify this experience with helloverify.

We help prevent fraud by finding facts about individuals. Use helloverify employee verification report to check for fraudulent candidates and find discrepancies in their resume. The online service acts as a means of authenticating and objectively verifying an individual’s identity, court case status, educational check, credit score and employment history - thereby enabling commercial transactions and hiring decisions to take place between companies and candidates. We also conduct rigorous research to gather information on your potential or current employee from various data sources. We use a combination of advanced analytics to analyze all the information and then summarize all relevant risks a company should be aware of when deciding who to hire.

Helloverify creates a seamless experience through its technology platform that is cost effective and provides results instantly from trusted verification sources. It not only automates data collection and matching but streamlines the entire process from order requests, progress status to final report delivery

Why Verify

Our services provide comprehensive results that help employers reduce workplace violence, theft, substance abuse and negligent hiring liabilities. A multitude of changes in the economic environment and job market along with the ambition of growing fast, earning a higher income and improving their standard of living has led candidates to adopt unscrupulous means to get ahead in their careers.

A steady surge can be seen in the marketplace where 6/100 candidates have been found to have some sort of discrepancy in their resume record for the sole urge of making more money and gaining a prominent position without having the relevant experience, skillsets and degree qualifications. Over the past 5 years, almost 6000 new fake job shops and unlicensed education institutes offering fraudulent experience and degree certificates have surfaced and only made matters worse.

We know that a company's greatest fear is a bad employee. We also know that current screening practices in the industry are highly expensive, outdated, time consuming and are not user friendly. Thus, we set out to change that experience. Our screening product goes beyond your expectation of comprehensive credit, education, past employment, criminal, identity, reference and terrorist link checks. thereby solving some of the background screening industry's oldest problem. It allows you to really get an insight into your employee’s behavioral and background aspects.

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We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer experiences while delivering high quality, easy-to-read background screening reports.

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