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Tenant Packages

Basic Tenant Report

2247.00 INR

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Package Includes

Tenant Background Report

  • Criminal Check
  • Address Check
  • Identity Check
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Standard Tenant Report

2297.00 INR

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Package Includes

A fundamental or must have screening package offering for tenants

  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Address Check
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Premium Tenant Report

3445.00 INR

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Package Includes

A fundamental or must have screening package offering for tenants

  • Identity Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Address Check
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Check
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Rental Decisions Made Easy

Helloverify background reports give you the insight you need to rent your house to the right applicant.We help rental agencies and homeowners (landlords) get credit and background data on their tenants. Helloverify goes beyond the basic checks that are done by rental agents not only to assess the tenant, but to see if there is a suitable fit and what risks the landlord maybe exposed to. We’ll find red-flags while vetting a tenant with our identity, credit, criminal and reference checks. We’ll run a financial background check on your tenant to ensure they pay their dues on time and conduct searches on government and private databases to check for terrorist links and criminal records. Our analysts will speak to past landlords to ensure the tenant treats your property with care. You’ll know within a day whether payments will be late, damage to property and past history of the tenant to keep yourself protected. We use a combination of advanced analytics to analyze all the information and then summarize all relevant risks a landlord should be aware of when deciding who to rent to.

Why Verify?

In India 1/10 landlords have been victim to tenant related fraud. The estimated loss is more than Rs 15000 crore which is attributable to non payment of rent, property damage and litigation fees. Only landlords conduct screening on their applicants. Safeguard you home and protect your loved ones, Renting should be an easy and stress free process.

We also know that current screening practices in industry are highly expensive, outdated, time consuming and are not user friendly. We set out to change that experience. Rent hassle free !

How it works?


Choose Package

Select a package or customize it as per your requirements and get complete information about the individual you wish to verify.


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Fill a simple form with necessary details and ensure that you have filled all fields with complete information.


Get Background Report

We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer experiences while delivering high quality, easy-to-read background screening reports.

Helloverify Experience

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    We link up with various data sources to provide you real time information.

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    Get instant feedback from our data partners on your applicants to take informed decisions

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    Get instant case updates. Ordering a background screening check has never been so easy.